Inbound/HIE Referrals

To Referring Practices, thank you for trusting us to care for your patients. To ensure they receive a timely and seamless transition of care, please use the following resources:

Non-Urgent Referrals

To begin the referral process, please submit your request by:

Our designated Referral Coordinators receive all requests. They will contact patient via text message and phone call to schedule an appointment.

Our referral coordinators will make four attempts within 30 days to contact and schedule the patient.  After 30 days, the referral expires, and referral coordinator will send a notification letter to the referring practice

Urgent Referrals

After submitting the patient’s records, please use our provider backline number to inform us of the patient’s urgent condition. An appointment scheduler or referral coordinator can create a chart, have records indexed and have triage review the referral and determine the urgency. You may also call our main line (850-877-7241) and select the prompt designated for physician offices and hospitals.

*Please note that this is only for hospitals and physician offices. Patients should not have access to this number or use this prompt, as that obstructs our ability to serve hospitals and physicians calling us with urgent needs.

A note about insurances:

Capital Health Plan Medicare patients can self-refer; however, we still need records to schedule an appointment.

Regular Medicare patients cannot self-refer. Medicare patients need a referral from their primary care provider (not Medicare) before we can schedule them.