Pregnancy, Delivery & Postpartum Care

Noth Florida Women's Care is honored to care for you during the exciting journey into motherhood! 

Prenatal Care

Care during each pregnancy is individualized; however, renatal visits usually occur about every four weeks for the first six months, then every two to three weeks for the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy. During the last month, patients visit at least weekly. Please note: no medication is guaranteed to be safe during pregnancy, especially during the first 12 weeks. Please review our Over-the-Counter Medications In Pregnancy recommendations. 

Which providers will care for your pregnancy and delivery?

We offer you the benefits of a collaborative team of healthcare professionals. The physician you select as your primary obstetrician will lead your prenatal care team and monitor your pregnancy. Our other providers and support staff complete your care team, and will provide their services and expertise when needed. To familiarize you with your team, some of your prenatal visits will be scheduled with a variety of our providers. While our nurse practitioners or physician assistant may see you for a routine OB visit, only our physicians conduct deliveries. The physician who is on call at the time you go into labor will most likely be the one who delivers you.

Our practicting obstetricians are: Dr. AJ Brickler, Dr. David Dixon, Dr. Alex Franz, Dr. Amy Haddock, Dr. Christopher Sundstrom, Dr. Briana Thompson and Dr. Shalini Golla.

The following advanced-practice providers also see patients for prenatal care appointments: Kendra Marcinowski, APRN; Erin Thames, APRN; Candice Gregg, APRN; Kelley Stem, PA-C; Cortney Rausch, PA-C; and Allie Tallent, MSN, APRN, WHNP-BC.

Obstetrical Classes

Childbirth Classes

The childbirth classes are offered through Childbirth Educators of Tallahassee and are highly recommended.  These Certified Childbirth Educators are specially trained to impart valuable information about pregnancy, labor, delivery and breastfeeding. To learn more about the childbirth education classes, visit www.tallybirthclass.com

Breastfeeding Classes

North Florida Women's Care offers Breastfeeding 101 courses for existing patients and one guest. Instructor Libbie Stroud is an LPN and Certified Lactation Counselor. Learn more here or by emailing breastfeeding@nflwc.com


Our A North Florida Women’s Care physician is always on call at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital— ready to care for you if you go into labor or have an emergency—24 hours a day, seven days a week. The obstetrician who is on call will be responsible for your care during labor and delivery. For any pregnancy-related emergencies that occur outside of office hours, please proceed to the TMH Emergency Room (if you are less than 14 weeks gestation) or TMH Women’s Pavilion Obstetrical Triage (if you are more than 14 weeks gestation). A North Florida Women’s Care on-call physician will be there to care for you.


Our physicians are skilled in vaginal, cesarean and high-risk deliveries. We deliver at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, the only hospital in our area with advanced neonatal intensive care facilities. Because of the high-risk nature of vaginal birth after cesarean section (VBAC), we do not participate in the care of such deliveries. Our physicians rotate on the TMH on-call schedule and are available for your obstetrical needs at all times. The physician who is on call at the time you go into labor will most likely be the one who delivers you. 

Postpartum Care

After your delivery, our providers will make hospital rounds daily to insure of your health and wellbeing. If you have a baby boy and you request a circumcision, this will usually be performed prior to your hospital discharge by our physician on call at that time. Our office will see you again for your six-week postpartum visit. At that time, we can address contraceptive options, breastfeeding issues and any possible emotional issues (such as postpartum depression).  

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