We are pleased to offer telemedicine for select appointment types! If you do not have a telemedicine appointment scheduled, you may call our scheduling department to see if your medical needs are eligible for this form of care: 850-877-7241

Follow the steps below to prepare for your telemedicine appointment. If you have a telemedicine appointment that begins in the next 15 minutes, you may log in to our virtual waiting room. We will be with you shortly! (We recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers, if possible.)

Quick Steps to Prepare

  • Find a private, quiet place to sit for the duration of the visit (typically less than 30 minutes).
  • Make sure you have a strong WiFi signal where you are sitting (or ethernet cable, if using a computer).
  • Turn off your Bluetooth. If you wish to use Bluetooth for your appointment, please make sure your device is paired correctly before the call; however, we do not recommend using Bluetooth, as you may experience pairing issues or sound interference.
  • Close other programs or apps.
  • Make sure your camera and microphone are working. (You can do this by filming a quick video using your camera function.)
  • Please do not multi-task during your appointment (walking your dog, caring for children, typing, doing chores, running errands).
  • Please refrain from answering other calls during your visit or while in the Virtual Waiting Room. 

“Arriving” For Your Telemedicine Visit

  • To begin, please check your internet browser. Supported browsers for our telemedicine visits are: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. We do not recommend Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, as neither will allow video or microphone access for the call.
    Download Google Chrome here.
    Download Mozilla Firefox here.
  • A few minutes before your appointment time, you may log in to our Virtual Waiting Room. You can access it hereor click the big green Telemedicine button on our website and proceed to Telemedicine Login.
  • Keep in mind, if you are following these links on a PC, the web page will load in your default browser. If that browser is Edge or Explorer, you will need close that browser and copy and paste the links above into your Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser. 
  • Next, you will select the provider with whom you have an appointment and click Enter Room.
  • Enter your full name in the welcome box and click Check In.
  • Click Enable Camera.
  • You are now in your provider’s Virtual Waiting Room! He or she will call you to begin your appointment.


Do not panic if we do not call you exactly on time for the visit. Your provider will try to call you right at your scheduled time; however, just like with regular office visits, they are seeing other patients before you whose appointments may run a few minutes over. We apologize if there is a brief delay.

Technical Difficulty

If you experience technical difficulties or have questions regarding your connection, email: