Become a New Patient

Welcome to North Florida Women’s Care! We offer three easy ways to become a new patient.

1. Schedule Online!

If you are a new or existing patient and you are not pregnant and are well (not experiencing any issues), then we welcome you to request an appointment via our online scheduling link. You will fill out your basic information and complete a verification code to proceed to our scheduling calendar. If you are pregnant, please call us our scheduling department 850-877-7241, as we have pregnancy-specific questions for you and will need to schedule you for multiple appointments. If you are unwell (having gynecological health concerns), please call so we can discuss the urgency of your issues and determine how best to facilitate your care.

2. Give us a call!

Whether you are well or unwell, pregnant or not pregnant, you can always call to speak with our scheduling specialists, who are happy to book your appointment. Our number is 850-877-7241.

3. Be referred by another provider.

Although we do not require you to be referred*, we often have providers from other practices and specialties send patients to us. If it is an urgent matter, your referring provider will call us to determine if you need to proceed to the ER or be scheduled with us that day. With non-urgent matters, the referring provider will send the referral request to us and we will contact you to collect any information we need to get you registered as a patient and scheduled for an appointment.

Referring practices can use our Referrals resource page for our helpful step-by-step referral process.

*If you are a Medicare patient, you do need a referral from your primary care provider (and not Medicare) before we are able to schedule you.

Next Steps

Once you secure an appointment, we will text and/or email you forms we need you to fill out before you arrive for your first appointment. You can fill out and submit them conveniently online. This will reduce your wait time at your appointment.

Check out our Preparing for Your Visit page and get all the information you need for a smooth and pleasant first appointment.