NFLWC Celebrates Breastfeeding

August 1st kicks off World Breastfeeding Week, in honor of the adoption of the Innocenti Declaration in 1990 to ensure the protection, promotion, and support of exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, and continued breastfeeding up to and beyond 2 years by the World Health Organization. Tallahassee had several events to celebrate and raise awareness for breastfeeding in our community. We attended some fabulous local events including the Big Latch On, the TMH Breastfeeding panel, and the Wic Walk for Breastfeeding to show our support and celebrate Breastfeeding in our community.

The Big Latch On Tallahassee is our local branch of the Global Big Latch On which occurs annually. Breastfeeding families and supporters in our community gather to raise awareness and promote breastfeeding as the normal and healthy way to feed our children by latching on together to break the previous year’s record. This year in Tallahassee we had a lovely event the morning of August 1st at Waverly Pond there were nearly 75 in attendance and 30 latched. The Global Latch On numbers have been released and 14,889 worldwide latched on in 28 countries!

The TMH Breastfeeding Panel was open to the public and held at Richardson-Lewis Health Center.  The panel of local professionals answered a series of questions to help the community better understand the importance of breastfeeding and the baby-friendly initiative. Local resources were present to show support for our breastfeeding community.

The WIC Walk for Breastfeeding held its First Annual walk around Lake Ella Saturday August 8th. WIC and members of our community walked twice around Lake Ella in unity to show support and promote the healthiest way to feed Tallahassee’s children. Participants enjoyed the company of other breastfeeding and expecting families and learn about resources our community offers to promote a healthy lifestyle.

As World Breastfeeding Week has come to an end we go on to celebrate Florida’s Breastfeeding Awareness Month. As an institution that promotes the highest standards in maternal and infant health we celebrate breastfeeding every day and encourage our patients to consider breastfeeding and the proven benefits of human milk.


More information on the Innocenti Declaration and the Big latch On can be found at these links below:

Posted on August 12, 2015


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