Binge Watching is a Dangerous Pastime

Have you binge watched Game of Thrones lately? You may think you're safe in the comfort of your recliner and Snuggy®; however, binge watching and channel surfing are dangerous pastimes. According to the American Heart Association, binge watching TV (and other practices of a sedentary lifestyle) can increase your risk of dying from blood clots.

The inactivity and slowed blood flow can cause blood clots in your legs or pelvis. When these clots break free, travel to your lungs and become lodged in your small blood vessels, you risk death by pulmonary embolism.

So incorporate physical activity into your weekend. While watching TV, stand, stretch, tense and relax your muscles. Lift some light weights or do a little cleaning around the living room. Better yet, go for a short walk around the neighborhood between episodes – just remember to stay hydrated!

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Posted on July 29, 2016

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