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Obstetrics in Tallahassee, FL: Pregnancy, Delivery & Postpartum

A woman having a Tallahassee, FL obstetrics procedure done on herAt North Florida Women's Care, our physicians work together to help you during this very special time in your life.

The physicians are skilled in vaginal and caesarian deliveries as well as high-risk pregnancies. They enjoy working with the special needs of women during pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, and yearly gynecology exams.

Our obstetrical suite includes full ultrasound testing facilities.

Pregnancy, Birth And Beyond

We combine modern medical techniques with a personal touch to ensure the safe delivery of healthy babies.

During pregnancy, the health of the mother and baby are monitored at regular intervals. The physicians place a strong emphasis on prevention and early detection of complications. We work closely with the excellent personnel at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare to offer diet counseling, neonatology and delivery facilities.

Childbirth classes, taught by the certified Lamaze instructors of Childbirth Educators of Tallahassee, are offered at our office.

After birth, immediate follow-up care begins for you and your baby. A special focus is placed on the psychological and emotional well being of the mother.

Commonly Accepted Pregnancy Medications & Remedies

No medication can be guaranteed to be absolutely safe when taken during pregnancy. Medications should be used only if the potential benefits are greater than the potential risks. Medications should especially be avoided during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Complete physical exam.

Prenatal Care includes: Office visits every four weeks for the first six months; every two to three weeks for the seventh and eighth months; then weekly until delivery and a 6-week postpartum exam.


Complete care of the mother in labor, at delivery and postpartum.  Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare (850)431-0100 for hospital information, please call them.

Postpartum Care

Includes hospital care to the mother and six-week office visit after delivery

Other Care

Total OB care does not include medical problems unrelated to the pregnancy or complications of the pregnancy requiring extra effort and time such as: Emergency Room visits, hospital care, unrelated office visits, ultrasounds, lab work. There will be an additional charge for these items. These fees are subject to change before your estimated due date. We will file your insurance for the prevailing amount AT TIME OF THE DELIVERY (unless other arrangements are made). Circumcision is usually not a covered expense. It is usually applied to the baby's deductible, unless you are covered by an HMO.

Prenatal Classes: Childbirth Education classes are offered through The Childbirth Education Association of Tallahassee. R.N./Certified Child Birth Educators teach the classes. We recommend taking these classes during your pregnancy in order to avail yourself of the most current information possible.

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