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Marching Onward for the Babies

North Florida Women’s Care kicked-off their March of Dimes fundraising efforts on March 18th. Team Captain Carolyn Dotson and her committee have worked very hard with planning tons of fundraising efforts. The first major fundraising event was held this afternoon, Friday April 11th. Over $400 was raised this afternoon, at the Annual Chance Auction. All proceeds benefit the Big Bend March of Dimes.

Mark your calendars for the March for Babies Walk on Saturday, April 26th at Tom Brown Park.

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Endometriosis and Back Pain

The women interested in the lower back pain endometriosis symptoms should know that in many cases the back pain and endometriosis go hand in hand.  If you have endometriosis, the period cramps will gradually worsen and you could also be affected by headaches, depression, anxiety, infertility, fatigue and irregular periods.

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Walking Lowers Breast Cancer Risk

Postmenopausal women who walk at least 7 hours per week have a significantly lower risk of breast cancer than their less active counterparts.Those are the findings of a large epidemiologic study published in Cancer: Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention.

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Access to Health Care in our Neighboring Counties

During the summer following my junior year in college, I completed an externship with the National Health Service in Mobile, Alabama.  Aside from my clinical responsibilities, I was asked to help put together a grant application that would later provide health care services to underserved areas in lower Alabama.  It was during this summer that I was first exposed to the issue of insufficient access to health care that has plagued our system for many years.  That was twenty years ago, yet we still find this issue a hot topic in today’s discussions about the failings of our current health care system.

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Men in Labor Kickoff

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Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

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10 Reasons why you should be breastfeeding your baby

August is National Breastfeeding Month! If you didn’t already know, here are 10 reasons why you should consider breastfeeding your newborn.

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Get The Facts

Human Papillomavirus,or HPV is a large family of viruses that has the ability to infect the skin and mucous membranes in humans. At least 100 HPV types have been identified, about 25% of which infect the male and female anogenital tract. The lifetime risk of HPV infection in a sexually active person is approx. 80%.

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What Women Should Know

Women are complex individuals and so is our health.  From menarche to menopause, our bodies are constantly changing. Going from the adolescent teenage girl with raging hormones to the menopausal women with hormones we just can’t seem to control.

Understanding the natural changes that our bodies are going through is essential.  Proper rest, diet, exercise, and stress management influence your body’s own hormonal regulation. Health care providers are faced daily with questions about whether hormonal manipulation will benefit and improve a women’s quality of life. 

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We Need a Few Good Men

For several years, North Florida Women’s Care has been a key partner with the local March of Dimes office.  As in the past few years, our CEO; Bill Hambsh is helping launch an awareness campaign for the “men”.  It is called Men In Labor.

Men in Labor is a “spin off” of Jail and Bail, an event that originated with the March of Dimes over 18 years ago. Men in Labor highlight the important role of father before, during and after pregnancy. Being a dad starts before the baby is born.

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